Covid Policy – Members and Guests


This is the Covid policy of the SKP Resort. It will go into effect on October 15, 2021 until further notice.

We are attempting to provide a safe atmosphere where SKP members and visiting guests can carry on somewhat normal activities while at the SKP Resort. We believe that meetings and social activities as we had before can be resumed, with a few changes to our Covid policy.

As we understand more about COVID-19, it is clear that we need to live our lives as responsibly as possible and yet not be reactionary to unreasonable restrictions to our lives in the Park. We also understand that there are a great variety of situations across the nation that are causing severe cases of the Covid-19 virus. It is important that we provide guidelines for our safety, but ultimately, we all need to assume responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We realize that this policy may require changes and when this happens, changes will be implemented.

These guidelines below are provided for members and visitors alike.

1) All visitors to the park must show proof of Covid vaccination when they check in for their site assignment. In lieu of this, proof of a negative Covid test administered 3 to 5 days before arrival will suffice. If a visitor does not have a test on arrival, they shall obtain a test locally and isolate until a negative result is obtained. Visitors who refuse to comply with these directions shall be refused admission to the park and their deposit for site rental will be refunded less the $100 cancellation fee.

2) It is strongly recommended that returning members quarantine for 5 days or bring in a
negative Covid test result within 72 hours of entering the park.

3) When inside the Club House, and in close proximity to others, people who have not been vaccinated shall wear masks. Using hand sanitizer is encouraged before and after club gatherings.

4) If a member or visitor has symptoms of Covid-19 or is diagnosed with Covid-19 it is required that they contact the front office with this information immediately and totally isolate themselves and members of their household to their property until they have been tested Covid free. This information will be held in confidence and not disseminated by the board members or staff. Mail, trash collection and other services can be provided if requested.
Once a Covid free test is obtained, the front office shall be notified and the isolation restrictions will be lifted. It is very important that close associates of the person diagnosed with Covid also be notified so they can be tested and take appropriate actions if they are diagnosed positive.

5) Common areas will continue to be disinfected daily. In addition, cleaning stations will be in the common areas, i.e., rest rooms, laundry, library, kitchen and hall where disinfectant will be available. We ask you to share the responsibility of disinfecting the area you were using before and after use.

6) The pool remains open with a 15-person limit.

7) Bottom line – we are not out of the woods yet with this Covid problem, but we will strive to maintain the safety of our environment. Please use common sense and take precautions to keep yourselves and your neighbors safe.