Park History

We are proud of our park and thought you would be interested in how we came to be. 

A group of Escapees back in the 1980’s were looking for a place on the East Coast where they could create a park similar to other Escapee parks in the West.   These men and women searched high and low to find a suitable spot for the park.  They found this piece of pastureland in Wauchula and with their own funds purchased it.  That was the easy part.

Months and months of hard work followed while they cleared the land and designed a park that would continue far into the future.  They dug trenches, laid wires, and pounded nails. The women worked alongside the men where they could and also provided meals.. A sense of community began with those efforts and continues today as we each volunteer to do what we are able.  We are fortunate to still have some of those early pioneers living in the park today. 

According to the Florida SKP Resort charter, “This park is based on the SKP principles of ‘caring and sharing’ and will fulfill the expectations of all only if these principles are implemented. Our success requires the sharing of knowledge, labor and time for the mutual benefit of all.”

Early development of the park.